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I've attended turfgrass science classes, but not for school. My schooling came from being on the south end of a north bound spreader. Being on my knees in the turf soil probe in hand, my corona 80 pruners on my belt figuring out the why's.

What do you think it takes to get the word "CONTROLS" on pesticide labels? They never say will kill. It says "CONTROL" for a reasonable claim to gain registration. Ever heard of results may very? You believe the testing used for data results are designed to be easy to pass or fail. I'm not knocking data or pesticides abilities. With favorable environmental conditions, they perform nicely. The issue is, how often is mother nature on our side. Not enough for me to use labels more than experience. OK. Almost never visit my customers. Sometimes I gotta see myself. Fact. How else could I turn a homeowner into a veteran techs best competition.
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