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You know. I thought this was an open forum. Do discuss issues. Help others come up with answers to problems they endure. But in the end it's just like when my kids play PS3 online. Everybody has attatude. Everyone's competing. I'm not trying to challenge anyone that I'm better. I just wana give my thoughts from my experiences. You never know when your going to meet someone who can help get ya to the next level. Me included. Oh, enough of the soap jokes. It's too repetitive. Nothing new. Nothing different to all the different things I say. Step up. Give me a real well thought challenging response please instead of the same thing. How about something like "Hey man, is you're spreader like a 55 gallon barrel of detergent that you puncture with you're pruners, lay on its side and roll all over the turf ". Now that's a little more funny than the same amo.
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