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Originally Posted by promower View Post
We dont measure anything we thrown down a cap space the next one almost a full cap away set a 3rd cap on top the 2 and draw a line on the left cap and the right one cut and done. Did I not read this thread right? idk Im tired its late
Originally Posted by xtreem3d View Post
That's how we do it's always more accurate to scribe than measure. alot of guys i know mark from the underside of their cap but that is awkward. doing it as described above we move around both sides of the radius (especially when it's a circle) at the same time

This is hard to explain without a pic but we set the cap on the radius with the overhang we like, then make sure that both of the back corners of the cap are equal distance from the row of blocks it's sitting on. we maintain that distance all through the radius so that from the top veiw you end up with a smooth looking curve in your caps . Generally we have one full cap then a cut cap then a full cap ect. On tighter radius we sometimes have to shorten the full cap (depending on block) so that you can maintain the correct overhang. (very hard to understand without pictures , i know)
I can't stand when you have full and cut caps alternating like you guys are saying. It's not to noticeable on an outside corner curve, but if it is an inside corner then it really stands out. I think it makes it look like a hack job, you spend all of the time doing the install and then cut corners on one of the final steps. Same with patios, I can't stand when the cuts are alternated on a soldier course, instead of having all larger pavers equally cut, you have little slithers of pavers in between. But that's just my opinion and 2 cents.
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