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Riggle, the 3.45 is just a example and not really the output. My object is to make a chart of gal disbursed per 1000 at different PSIG. But there is one other factor that needs to be considered. That is MPH of tractor travel. I guess that would not matter if the MPH of the tractor travels ALWAYS at the same constant speed of the test run, which would be set by the tach on the tractor (say 2200 RPM).

What is difficult is getting the mix correct because it is difficult to gage a cockamamie measurement of 24D like 10.42 Oz per tank (example).

Since the girls in the kitchen have forgotten how to measure now they have a microwave and can buy Hungry Man and Lean Quinine, I am not even sure I can find a measuring cup. or ask them how to do an accurate measurement. Maybe, I can use the 4oz oil bottles I use for my Stil chain saw.

Since my tank has a 5" fill hole, I think I will get a black sharpie and mark off 5 Gal increments on the tank and pour in water using a 5 gal bucket. Weedar 64 cost me $60 for a jug so don't want to waste any.
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