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Originally Posted by fumblefingers View Post
What confuses me about he Tee Jet charts is for example a orange jet at 30 PSI is the chart says 0.13 gal per 1000 sq ft. So if I have 7 orange jets do I multiply the number by 7 to get the gal disbursed or devide by 7.
Charts are great for getting you into the Ball Park, But then you must tweak your calibration manually. A 5 PSI change could mean 10 gallon or more an acre difference. Some people like to use Catch cups and time the flow of each nozzle. Then they do the math to find their rate per acre. Catch cups are great for testing the distribution on the boom, but I prefer Spraying a set area and checking the volume used. I park in the same spot I marked my tank when I refill it, that way I get as actuate a reading as possible.

0.13 gallon per thousand @ 30 PSI is the average rate of that nozzle. If you are spraying side by side with 7 nozzles you are still only applying 0.13 gallon per Thousand but you are doing it 7 times faster by using 7 nozzles.

Calibration can be easy if you don't over think it and have a little understanding of how a Boom sprayer works. Once you establish your calibration of the Boom sprayer, changing chemical and application rates is simple. You know your sprayer will cover X # Sq Ft and multiply X times the rate per thousand.

A side Note: My boom sprayer is used only for Insect Control and 99% for Fire Ant control. Because I want a lot of Carrier for Fire Ant Control, I run nozzles in series or double spray every sq ft. My goal is put out at least 3 gallon a thousand and I would love to put out more. Modern sprayers are designed to only do low volume spraying.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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