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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

0.13 gallon per thousand @ 30 PSI is the average rate of that nozzle. If you are spraying side by side with 7 nozzles you are still only applying 0.13 gallon per Thousand but you are doing it 7 times faster by using 7 nozzles.

So that would mean devide by 7........right
BTW the chart was Lachler not TeeJet. I guess U are correct as I would never get MPH to exact but if RPM is always the same I would be right provided I always floored the pedal. My Kubota goes 0 to 10.2 MPH per specs and since it has only 2 speeds I am guessing low gear is 5 MPH. The charts show 3,4,5,6 MPH so the results could be very different unless U do the calibration your way. Fluid dynamics can be confusing.
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