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Originally Posted by turfmd101 View Post
No need for school. It's funny you say that. When I was a LESCO associate. The hort professor at velencia college used to have me come by to discuss turfgrass science as a guest speaker in his class when he was covering pesticide use because of my ability to metaphor it to be easy understood . PS. He also took notes. Again, as I've been told on this forum that I talk down to everyone. I guess I have used poor choices in words, marking myself a jerk. Again 14 years using pesticides to 13 years selling and studying them. I believe I have a fair grasp on proper application technique. Just because you don't know it yet does not make it untrue. I've even picked up dimes from the floors of random customers warehouses... with their forklift...just to win a
friendly bet.

Maybe their are tricks I know that you do not and vice versa. The point is. I hope not to show the same disregard of someones experiences since its something they did vs something they read.
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I bow to your magnificence... nonetheless, I wouldn't let you spread composted cow manure on my properties let alone chemicals. The law says the label and the label is the law.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
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