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Last thing ill say about atrazine. Please read the label. Don't rely on my words 4 100% accuracy. I believe atrazines label says, can be applied between Sept 16 thru April 16 or something like that. Later it says do not apply when temp exceed 90 deg. Now March thru April for 2012 were what, come on you can say it. Super hot right. Now one section says OK to spray in March & April. Yet another part says I can't because it's to hot. I don't think its a mater of superseedment™. It would be on the label, but they didn't know it could happen. Because it's an unpredictable situation that research can't show. That's why I trust my judgment more. The label also says its bad for fish and frogs. And I believe that under any conditions which may come. I'll also turn anyone in, who would test that part of the research.
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