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Originally Posted by zturncutter View Post
Bobcats as well as Coyotes are found all over the state in almost all of the urban areas as well as rural areas and are becoming a problem.
Sorry, Seeing a Bob cat is nothing unusual in S.W Florida. Many years ago I had a over grown vacant lot next door. A family of Bob Cats lived there. I haven't Seen a Coyote in years, but then I don't go in the woods hunting like I used to.

Florida Panthers are an other story. But just like Scrub Jays and Gopher Turtles, Developers don't want them reported to FWC. Years ago I saw a Florida Panther in an area that is now developed.

BTW I am a Nuances Wildlife Trapper and Bob Cats or Coyotes must be trapped and not shot in Urban areas because to Firearm discharge laws. My local sheriff doesn't let me use a Crossbow either.


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