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Originally Posted by turfmd101 View Post
Different food for thought. You guys know me by know (DA) . Get it... OK HERE GOES.

This guy who screwed up. Seems to me that this guy doesn't know arithmetic, so he won't be successful at calibration. Like bucket checking 101. If you do not deliver a lethal dose to a target pest. That pest is given the opportunity to build resistance. See the snake handler, who gets bit by a snake and survives has the chance to build resistance. The handler who gets bit and dies does not get that same chance. "DEAD DOESN'T BUILD RESISTANCE™". But rebounding from an attack does. Say the first day bifenthrin hit the street. This guy gets some. Seems to me ... he will probably missapp his treatment. You know, because he screwed up! Well the chinch don't die, it's been over 15 days. Haven't seen 'em. So the building blocks of resistance start to form. I don't believe over application causes resistance. Over application is ok as long as you KILL WHAT YOUR TRYING TO KILL! . Again "DEAD DOESN'T BUILD RESISTANCE. IT'S DEAD ™". Now over application is not my target promotion here. Killing your target pest is. Resistance started it's building blocks day one when bifen hit the streets. I don't believe day 2 or 8 or day 289 after bifen hit the street that over application had already begun. I believe that takes a while longer and by the time it has any effect. Well, miss application has taken center stage and proudly owns it. All because this guy let another guy illegally use his ticket. Poor decision IMO. I got alot of crap for suggesting powder laundry detergent (by the way. no resistance to soap) . Let's see how this gets discussed shall we? Come on I know you wanna drill me.
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Couple of things, He let the guy use his ticket to be an apprentice but the guy was doing side jobs thus screwing Ric. Ric went in and made it right even though his company did not get the money.

We understand resistance and the pesticde treadmill, most of us do. The question was how a fungicide caused insect Resistance.
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