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Can someone steel my Mother-in-Law too

In light of having my Stihl trimmer stolen, there is a funny side to all of this.

I've been having issues with my trimmer for about 2 month now, and after picking it up from the dealer after being in several times, I was going to take it home and parts it out. I had it sitting on my trailer when I went in to Subway to pick up lunch. I had my mother-in-law with me that I had just picked up from her house... When we got back to my house, while eating lunch with my wife, she said that someone barrowed my trimmer from the trailer. (15 min after we got back to the house...nice!) While I was in Subway, a van pulled up next to my trailer and 2 guys got out.. one walked into the Subway and the other picked up the trimmer, next to 2 other trimmers, an edger and a blower.. All the while, my mother-in-law watched him. She assumed that I knew them. I told her that I didn't give anybody permission to barrow anything and went and checked the trailer. After checking the trailer, sure enough, a trimmer was missing. This is the funny part... out of the 5 peices of equipment on the trailer, they took the one that didn't run. 2 days later, it showed up at the repair shop for "repair"

The mechanic, a friend, called me up and asked me why I took the trimmer back to be repaired, knowing it was going to cost more than it was worth... I started laughing and said that it was stolen off the trailer 2 days ago. we got ahold of the police and gave them the information and set something up.
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