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I don't have enough employees to cover a guy to take off for more than a day. Even that day kills us. Hopefully with the steps I have been taking over the last month or two this will all change. I am really hoping our company takes off next season. I have spent a lot of time and money and hope it will now come back to me. We'll see. I think that having more employees will change their view on the company itself and mine. I'm still stuck in work mode and it is getting harder and harder by the day to operate the business. I'm feeling the squeeze you could say.

I was taught that when you get to this point, this is when it is time to build yourself a new job. I have accepted my resume :lol: and ready to start, just need more properties and I'll be set. This winter we plan to work on organization and systems. Hopefully that coupled with heavy involvement with advertising and sales will give me a boost enough to not have to be so tight and reliant with employees.
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