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I had been doing mulching for a few years before I started mowing (hardly any start-up costs to mulch, just a couple wheelbarrows and hand-tools if you have the mulch delivered). This year I was in the same boat as you. I started mowing using my mom's JD 42" residential tractor mower. Super slow for residential and makes trimming a pain cause you can't get into close quarters very well. But the mower was free so I couldn't complain! Only had 4 clients. Just bought 7 more clients from a friend along with a used 48" ztr and the difference was phenomenal! I don't know how I ever used a tractor mower. I've actually enjoyed mowing these last couple weeks! In other words, ASAP, get yourself a used ztr! On another note, depending on the lawns you mow, sometimes a ztr isn't very advantageous over a tractor mower. If you aren't dealing with many obstacles or tight spaces, it may not be worth the investment. I have lots of small lots with trees and curving mulch beds, etc. I'm new to the business too, I'm just turning 20 and have only been landscaping since Spring 2010. The experience from everyone on these forums is the best resource I've come across in starting and building a landscape company.
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