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Originally Posted by irrig8r View Post
Was there a version that had both an NVM and NiCad backup? One I'm referring too looks just like the one in the photo, but with 12 stations. I'll see if I can find a date code and model # when I get there next time. My recollection is that it didn't have an NVM and lost programming when the batteries died. Slated to be replaced soon.
No... the NVM is only a feature of the MC-B+ and Dial-B series controllers. Those controllers required a 9V alkaline battery to retain the correct time of day. The MC+ and MC-A+ required the Ni-Cad battery pack. The pack was a heat shrink wrapped set of 4 AA sizes Ni-Cad batteries. There was a way on SOME versions of the original MC standard controller to make them accept a Ni-Cad battery by installing a wire jumper between two points on the PCB.
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