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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
Couple of things, He let the guy use his ticket to be an apprentice but the guy was doing side jobs thus screwing Ric. Ric went in and made it right even though his company did not get the money.

We understand resistance and the pesticde treadmill, most of us do. The question was how a fungicide caused insect Resistance.

The person in question is no dummy by any means or I wouldn't have gotten together with them. What they had was Gray Leaf spot and they didn't have the Equipment to spray a Fungicide.

This individual was far better educated on Pesticides than the average TG/CL Newbie and was already a Limited License holder. If I was adding to pesticide Resistances by giving them a Spray Card then every New Card Holder is also adding to Pesticide Resistances.

I was wrong for posting my personal gripes about networking gone bad. Every side has their story and I am sure this person has there complaints about me that might be well founded.


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