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I guess I read into what Ric said too much. Its just typically when an apprentice screws up its because they burn something and not because they cause a cultural problem that requires fungicide. All pesticides have the ability to lose their effectiveness , and this apprentice will more likely be applying the three primary ones. Fungicide does not cause insect resistance. Someone who knows more about labels and applications than horticulture causes resistance IMO. I would not help someone by letting them operate under my license that did not share most of the same understandings I have for what I do. Anyone can try to practice horticulture, but not everyone carries the ability to practice it responsibly or understand it properly . IMO, anyone who would be working under a pest license and require another tech. to correct their screw up and not know themselves they need T-Storm. Or not know how to correct their situation, passed, to easily the requirements needed to hold the ticket he is working under. TEACH HIM HORTICULTURE. IMO. I'm probably to critical. I just think it should not be so easy to get a card pulled for pesticide use by someone who will be aiding and abetting the loss of functional pesticides. I feel if I would have interviewed this tech I would have seen the signs. My daughter wants to drive now she is 17. Her twin brother , no problem , he gets it. My daughter she does not get it. Even though she is of age and eligible, no license yet not till she is ready. That's the point, she won't know when she is ready I will. I mean what the hell could of gone on that you needed to treat with a systemic contact fungicide anyway. Is that fungicide needed because he had BP and put down AS? Just doesn't sound as if he is ready to ticket hold and those guys ruin things for the guys who are ready. EX;this guy will aid in building resistance to pesticides which kinda includes fungicides.
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