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Also I know it's not completed yet but all comments/suggestions are welcome. If a negative one, which are fine, I just ask that you supply the better solution or way as have already been done a few times. Also remember this is the first one I have ever done without any prior experience working for a landscaper who does this type of work. First time with compactors, wet diamond saw, and pavers for that matter, etc.... Most of you guys here do execptional work and I know this is not going to be remotely close to the product you offer your clients.

A few things I have learned along the way:

- Should have started with a more simple project.

- Takes much more time than you think (especially for first time).

- Totally wasted some money in rentals, as stated above, due in part to thinking I'd be moving quicker.

- Don't put base stone on any soft surface. Luckily we have soil from removal to spread around and seed.

- Leveling the base is so important and mine is off just a bit and you can see it, luckily still pitched away from the house though.

- Laying pavers by yourself takes A LOT of time. Having someone be able to at least stage them for you is a time saver!

- Cutting pavers takes a lot of time

- All the small things you can't envision happening without doing many many installs.

Hopefully my brother gets to enjoy his patio for a long time and thanks to him for willing to sacrifice himself for my rookie mistakes.
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