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Originally Posted by turfmd101 View Post
Yep first impression was "NOT GOOD" and not better yet! I'm trying to start a dialect I feel is important about our business. I mean no disrespect. Have you ever asked your tech. or techs. how did your lawns look today. they say great. do you say "that's good!" or do you ask how much fert they used and when they say 15 bags or 2 tons. would you then say "what the hell did you waste so much product and money. how about it didn't need mowing but we did it anyway. "WHAT" I like that stuff. I read mostly about product use. Did too much of that stuff. I prefer talking about why it's not needed as much. only thing i share in common is "hope and change".... wait, no i don't i don't share anything with him. my bad.
Give it time I am sure you will find the Florida forum is full of thinkers who share many of your same ideas. We as a whole are not a fan of running over dry lawns in March etc. and I am pretty sure that many of the applicators here are small operations that understands that IPM also stands for I PAY MATERIALS and have no issue not applying any more inputs than what are needed.

Like I said previously, you appear to have some knowledge, and I do not think anyone seriously disagreed with you on the soap in terms of it could help resolve the issue, however rather it was your approach/bed side manner that most of us had a issue with.

Again like I said and I believe others have said, we welcome you here and will appreciate interacting with you, as long as your head does not outgrow the page you are writing on.

I look forward to having discussions for you. I am not a applicator on lawns so I enjoy learning as much as I can here to better understand what is going on. Everyday it seems that I learn something new so I will look forward to hearing your alternatives and different ideas.

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