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Looking pretty good for a 1st time job especially for a decent sized one. Looks like there could be a few waves in the patio but could also just be camera playing tricks. Something I do but is not favored by all hardscapers is doing the border quick and easy. What I do to minimize all measuring and piecing in is: Lay out the paver field, lay your border on top of the pavers grab a sharpie and trace a line on top of the pavers along border. Remove border get your cut off saw and make a cut along that line, remove cut pieces and put border back in. Huge time saver on any curved areas and a tighter fit I think.
I remeber doing a job for my mom and dads houses many years ago when I started and I spent a small fortune on rentals, had no idea the time each part took and ended up keeping rentals 2-3 days total waste live and learn though.
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