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Thanks Jim, we have a freelance designer we use and hes been great at pulling in new customers as well as some great designs. I really liked having the walls seperated to and it makes sense when having a gathering you can have sitting around the fire instead all to one side and also have great access out to the lawn.
Typically we reseed but this was a sod job when were done due to the fact that a graduation party was being held literally 24 hrs from our last day there. We were under the gun there were a lot of design changes upgrades etc that were added throughout the project and the worlds most unreliable electrician set us back 2 days waiting for him to do his prep work he needed to do for the hot tub.
I had to laugh a little when you asked if we were really careful around the edge, we started this job the day after 2" inches of steady rain, wouldnt normally but we were time pressured. Ill find the pic of day 1 and post it, looked like a bomb went off in there yard. Lawn was so wet my shoes were soaked just walking to the backyard to get started.
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