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pruning pricing

For some reason I just don't do much pruning. I usually leave it up to the customer. I don't upsale or suggest like I should and that's my fault.

I've been thinking about adding a pruning and bed maintenance package as an add on to my mowing customers. I would prune 2-3 times a year and spend some extra time with weeds/pine cones/sticks/etc in the beds.

Since I don't prune much and usually bill by the hour I was wondering if anyone had any type of formula for estimating. A lot of my customers like a specific price and not a guess. So I was thinking of breaking it down by plant size. Maybe...

shrubs under 5 feet would take 5-10 minutes
shrubs 5-15 feet would take 15-20 minutes
anything 15+ not for me
hedges under 5 feet would be 5 minutes a foot
hedges 5-10 feet would be 10 minutes a foot
anyting 10+ not for me
Hand pruned shrubs would be 15 minutes each

You could then figure up your time and multiply by your hourly rate.

Would this work? Am I close on my estimated time?
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