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This individual was far better educated on Pesticides than the average TG/CL Newbie and was already a Limited License holder. If I was adding to pesticide Resistances by giving them a Spray Card then every New Card Holder is also adding to Pesticide Resistances

Yes very much. But not 100%.

possible alternative; root system
St. Aug typically handles GLS. Even if severe.
At the stage described. Its most likely has a dis functional root system.
Great as T-Storm is, may not help with systemic action.
2 - 3 apps K-Mag at .5 lb/1000sf.
give St. Aug back the tools it needs to fight.

possible alternative; foliage
cheap fungicide. all fungicides carry GLS, its too common.
at your described melt out. St. Aug is doing its job and forcing senescence to rid it self of the pest spores.
even rarely at this stage will the plant damage, but it will appear different, but that much foliage melt looks as though the plant is suffering."its ugly".
sounds like soon enough there will be no more foliage to attack. and populations will decline naturally.

sept, oct, & nov are St. Aug best time to recover as the fall flush of new foliage begins.
but keep up the potassium because IMO. that will defeat this pest superior to fungicides.

plus your cost could have been 20% to 30% cheaper.i know he is lacking equipment but a spreader for K-Mag he doesn't have that either.

out of control for an experienced person are two things that should not be in the same sentence.

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