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Originally Posted by xtreem3d View Post
Gotcha..found your post....Am I still missing something ? If you lay 3 caps out along the radius, then mark down each side of the level that spans the caps, then cut the caps do you have issues with the overhang varying because you have changed the lenght of the cap when you cut it without it being in the exact place on the curve?

In other words the way I do it each cap is going to fit properly and have the exact overhang because it is cut in the exact position it will sit on the curve. It seems if you contuinue to lay caps out and mark between them at some point in the curve the cap will be "off" because you are consistenly removing their length each time you cut them.
As I see it he is laying out 2 caps with a space between them approximately the size of a cap and lays a cap on top and makes the mark. The outer 2 caps are in the correct spot with the correct overhang.

I think you need to have all of these techniques in your tool bag. 90 % of the time I lay one at a time eye up the overhang and eye up the cut with a one foot level, a trowel, or a square what ever is near and make my mark. On circular fire pits I will put a stake in the center and use a string line to find the angle on each side of the cap, this will yield an identical angle on each side of each cap all the time.

On seat wall where we are using ledge stone copping which are 24" long I will layout 2 pieces and take measurements and divide by 2 mark the stone, grab the grinder make my mark, and take it to the saw.

We usually sweeten all cuts by running the blade between them.
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