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Originally Posted by A.T.T. View Post
Guarenteed to pick up more work!

What does RSK stand for?
yeah, I'm trying to get enough accounts for 2 full days of mowing with the 61" cheetah i have now and I'd like to add a 72" turf tiger next spring, or a 72" cheetah if they come out with a bagger for it by then. I think with the the two mowers i mentioned 50-60 accounts could be done in two days or maybe half of another day. i want at least 2500 a week in mowing so when things get slow i still have something coming in. but RSK is my initials Ryan Scott Krajewski, i just thought Rsk property maintenance sounded pretty good so i went with it. hopefully, I'll do 100,000 flyers if that's what it takes to get the amount of work I want next year, but i'm pretty sure 50,000 or less will get me 30-40 more accounts which probably is too many to gain in one year, but i want it now. not in 3 years. i have bigger and better goals in 3 years.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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