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Know what you mean

I have a new TT and I noticed when I first got in some tall grass that it doesn't spread the grass very far when cutting above 3.5 but does well at 3 and below. I think it may be becasue of the size of large discharge shoot. I cut the front of my yard on 3.5 mainly becasue its pure ST aug and it just vanishes and I cut the back at 2.5 or 3 because its a mix of st aug, bermuda, and bahai or what I like to call it kinagrass (the kind of grass that will grow any where) its lugs my ol mans JD diesel which is why I chose the TT, becasue of power. Another thing I noticed is the deck stays very clean no matter the conditions. I like all the common commercial machines and personally think it depends on the application for what you tend to use it that will make you satisified.

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