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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
The velocity deck was designed to get the clippings out quick. In almost all conditions you will never have to double cut. In thick or wet grass it will not clump even in the rain. The cut quality is amazing 99% of the time. It is the most versitile deck in a veriety of conditions. BUT Goldpro is 100% correct, I have found when cutting grass in the 8 inch plus range the clippings just are not small enough and if you try to double cut them they just get blown a row or two over. Goldpro just happened to find the velocity's weakness. Just like when I demoed an exmark in wet conditions, I have yet to recover from the clumping and packed deck due to the deck making very small clippings and not getting them discharged fast enough. I have since been told to try an exmark again in dry conditions for a smooth cut.
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I have a cheetah and I have to agree. I didn't buy the cheetah to have to double cut and when I have done it to see the difference there isn't much. I'm a part timer as of now and if can't mow when it is alittle wet or starts raining once I've started I would be in a world of hurt. My yards are no where near GP's and they might only be a hand full where I live. The cheetah leaves a very good first cut in any condition and thats what I'm looking for.
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