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I just really like how they have this one section set up, so we can do multiple audits with mutiple products, all for the exact same 30x30 section. We could have spent all day there auditing the 5004 rotors and then changing to LA nozzles, we could have tried all three of the MPs, we could have done the RB and Toro rotators to compare as well.

TomTom and I were there this spring for an audit class using the same area. But it was very windy that day, and numbers were all over the place. I asked at that time if I could come back with my employees and spend time here with multiple products. When I was there last week doing it, they mentioned I was the only one that has ever asked to do this on my own time, without their class. It felt good that we are trying to be better than the average company out there, and take the initiative to learn these things. Poor TomTom couldn't make it though, as he was in Alaska Must be rough.
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