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In my years of mowing, I really didn't start double cutting until my SuperZ.

The following cut sufficient enough not to....

*1968 Cub Cadet 125 48"
*1985 JD 318 50"
198? SCAG Classic deck 48"
1993 JD F-935 60"
1996 SCAG 48" Ver 1.1 Classic deck
1997 DC Flatlander 60"
2001 LC Lazer 60"

*'s = Non commercial Garden Tractors that survived thousands of hours of commercial use.

Only time I'd double cut anything was if there was an abundance of clippings clumped up after first cut.

Once I got my 2006 ver 1.0 XR-7 60", I had to double cut to get a clean crisp cut. I could no longer mow at or above 3.5" either. Only time I don't double cut is on 3+ acre lawns and during drought conditions.

It's those drought conditions that I realize just how much time I waste double cutting!

If I can get a deck to cut pooltable smooth like my old DC or Lazer, I'd be happier and richer! I could care less how long the clippings are, as long as there is no grass left behind!
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