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Originally Posted by THEGOLDPRO View Post
Soooooooooo i went ahead and demoed a cheetah today to see what all the hype was about, and also because i'm looking to buy another z-mower so i figured id give it a shot.....

Now before anyone says its not an honest review because im an Exmark guy blah blah blah, please shut your mouth's, Im not brand loyal by any means. I will buy whatever works the best for my needs no matter what brand it is.

Anyways here goes..... Took the mower to the horse farm we mow bi-weekly, grass was roughly 8 inches high give or take. The mower i demoed was the 61 inch with a 34hp i believe. Now, The mower really shined in the thick high grass and didn't bog one bit which impressed me. It was smooth while mowing, the suspension platform is a thing of beauty for sure. It felt amazing on the body with literally zero user fatigue.

Like i said i was real impressed with the mower on the first cut, it seemed to spread the grass out nice and didn't clump at all. Then came the nightmare lol, i had to mow the grass 5 times to make it look "Just ok". The mower did not fan the grass out like my Exmark usually does while double/triple cutting an over grown area. It just seemed to move the grass from one stripe to the next stripe ,never actually smoothing it out and making it disappear like the Exmark does.

As for finished cut quality it was just kind of so so, it didn't give the same type on smooth seemless stripe the Exmarks give. It left lines/blade marks down the middle of the stripe unlike the Exmarks which leave a nice smooth finish. It also did not stripe nearly half as good as the Exmark does.

So my over all review would be this..... Great feeling mower, amazing feeling hydros, great on hills, very stable, amazing feeling suspension platform, wayyyy too fast for any real world mowing, Endless power, Horrible cut quality, horrible discharge pattern, Horrible finished product compared to the Exmark.

So my over all conclusion.... Altho the Cheetah is roughly 2k cheaper then my Exmark was, I'm going to stick with Exmark based on the over all better cut quality.
What you have here is the reason people prefer certain decks in different parts of the country.

The Exmark Ultra Cut is designed for further processing of grass as it moves through the deck. The further processing allows grass clippings of a much smaller size to be discharged, which in return helps the clippings disappear by filtering into the standing grass. You will also find that because the Ultra Cut has stronger suction it will require more scraping to keep the underside clean where moisture is involved.

The Scag Velocity Plus deck is designed to handle large amounts of grass; but to process it in a faster manner, which in return causes the grass to be discharged in a larger size. The larger size clippings have a tendency to lay on top not filtering into the cut grass, as does the clippings of the Ultra Cut.

The advantage of the Ultra Cut is enabling the grass clippings to disappear more easily, which in return leaves a more manicured look.

The disadvantage of the Ultra Cut is more scraping to keep the deck functioning as designed.

The advantage of the Velocity Plus is its ability to cut grass and weeds of any size at a high rate of speed. The decks free-flow design allows it to handle moisture laden grass without requiring the under-deck cleaning needed by the Ultra Cut.

There is no deck that performs better than the Ultra Cut for a manicured look in plush grass, the same as, there is no better deck than the Velocity Plus for performing in all other conditions.

There is a place for both decks, and there are large numbers of both decks sold throughout the country proving this point.
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