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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
Day 2, definitely my last hardscape job I'll ever do. I feel like the blind leading the blind................When this is done I cannot wait to leave it behind me. Hardscape pro's, it's all yours, I want nothing to do with it.
Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
...........But if another job comes my way I'll feel a little better prepared in understanding what should and shouldn't be done........... Posted via Mobile Device
Funny how your attitude has changed now that you can invision the finished project. I think the majority of us went through this in the beginning, the first time you tackle something like this you have all the hickups and don't think the end will ever be in sight. Once you get towards the end you start to see that you can have a future in it.
Why do people not respect us as they do other tradesmen? Because every Tom, Dick, and Harry doesn't think he can be a plumber or electrician!
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