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crew question

Hey everyone. Hoping to get some feedback. At the beginning of the season we were non stop where my 4 man crew was working 6 days a week averaging about 50-55 hrs between regular maint jobs and landscaping jobs. I hired another guy to help out with production. We got all caught up with projects and eventually got back to just maintenance. I tried having 2 crews one with a 3 man crew and the other with a 2 man crew figuring that we should be able to cover more ground grass cutting. But it seems to me that where are getting the same amount of lawns done with 5 guys as we did with 4. I know a lot of people say when you have this many guys on a crew they tend to get lazy. My thing is i feel like whether im paying 4 guys 50-55 hrs a week or 5 guys 40-43hrs per week i don't feel like anything is getting done faster. So do i let go 1 guy and set an expectation to the other guys that a certain number of lawns need to be done daily. Not sure what route to take. Also no matter what way i do it I feel like om chasing money down daily to make sure i have money for payroll and other overhead bills.
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