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Getting your shorts in a knot for $5 a week. Owners have no problem working 12hr days 6 days a week. Employees will burn out.

So I say better to prevent burnout and when on guy needs a day off you still can send out two 2 men crews when you have 5 guys to start with.

How backed up you're going to be if one guy got hurt and was out for a week and you just had to save $5 a week and went with 4 employees? The amount of overtime would eat right through the $5 a week savings.

And when the weather backs you up it you will catch up faster with 5 then 4 employees.

As to having an employee stand around. Well that will even happen when you have 2 men crews.

If having idle time bothers you that much then send out 1 man crews.

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