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Planted K-31 fescue

Against most peoples advice, I have just spent the last few days tilling and seeding Kentucky 31 fescue. I have tried several times to grow a decent TTTF such as Lescos Transition Blend. It does great until June then starts falling apart and most dont recover. After this year I have crabgrass and dirt(if you could call it that).I have two boys and we are fairly hard on our lawn. Im not looking for a picture quality lawn. I just want something green that i dont have to fuss with.

Anyone actually like there K-31 lawn. I think of all the reading i have done, I seen two people that like there K31 lawn. Most hate the wide blades and medium green color. I actually like the thick heavy duty type grass.

I think if i can keep the clumping down, i will actually like it. Even if its not perfect, it will be better than the dirt and crab grass i have now.
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