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Had the sidewalks all cleaned off. Then me and dad are doing some layout, measuring, leveling etc.

I look at where the stoop meets the house and I see pure beach sand pouring out like a scene from "The Mummy" or something. Then I'm like, is that moving? I grab dad and we both step back and WHAM!
definitely did not see this coming. full of wet fine beach sand. Almost wiped out my truck parked at the curb, pancaked a wheelbarrel - blew out the tub and legs and shattered the handles.
Guess it could have been worse if we were under that 5x5 8" thick landing slab

how we had to leave it for the night - regroup with a new plan in the morning

Be careful out there guys, its not always the 30k lb dump truck or 10k lb skid steer trying to kill you!
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