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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
It has been my experience that most Lesco store clerks are failed Landscapers. They are happy to have a job that pays peanuts so they don't have to do any real work.

As for following labels etc. From some of thing I have seen, Lesco will sell anything to any body and never even know what a label is. The last credential I for want is Lesco Training. IMHO Lesco Training isn't any better than TG/CL.

I know the kind to. Not me! HO no termidor, no rup. When advising "anyone"who radiates "Applicator Danger". I either try using lots O big words & science talk and stuff. So hopefully they'll hire a specialist. Now if their not gonna leave empty handed. They will get what is within their capabilities but first and foremost. I will instill in the tools it takes. "Not to screw it up". Sales are not as important as my reputation. My reputation in the industry is how I make my livelihood not my J.O.B.
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