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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

pH is only one measure of water quality, Hardest and Bio carbons can have a much greater effect on Turf Grass than the pH of water. Some Golf Course will actually inject sulfuric acid into the Irrigation water because it is cheap and easy to do. Acid forming Fertilizer will help lower pH as will Sulfur. Dolomite etc will Raise pH etc However to change EC is a much harder and expensive to do. Bio Carbons will effect surface tension and Hydraulic conductivity. High EC (Electric Conductivity) or Measurement of soluble salts in a solution, will fill exchange sites and cause Fertilizer or pesticide leaching. Therefore pH of water is the least of our problems.

Basically the pH chart given only tells us what pH range most all element are available in the greatest quantity. Once we know 6.5 is approx that magic point on the pH scale, the chart above is really of no use.

But it's purdy...

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