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Originally Posted by Complete Ground Pros View Post
So I am really into numbers and I started running some numbers this morning. Obviously I do not have exact numbers, but I was able to guess pretty well. My main question is, is anyone making any money in this indusrty? My numbers were "worst case scenario" numbers, but still. I didn't even finish yet and my hourly cost rate is around $70. That means I would have to cut 3 lawns at $45 each in an hour to even come close to making %50 gross profit. Are these the numbers you guys are coming up with or am I missing something?
I don't think I read you stating this, but... are you planning on doing this full time or part time? Just that you're starting a business. If you're going full time what type of job are you giving up, what's your current situation (life/family/financial...). That factors a lot into what you are going to need for your gross profit.
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