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we were loading a 32HP kubota onto a parked, and chocked 1/2 silverado. the weight of the tractor pushing on the truck/trailer (which was on a slight decline) caused the parking pawl to tear off transmission along with the planetary gears. I had safety jacks under the rear of the trailer to keep the weight from pushing the rear end of the truck up too. I was loading the tractor and went along for the ride (helplessly) and the truck ended up going through a house causing $20k totaled the truck, trailer, most of the equipment. I had a guy end up braking his back trying to jump in the truck to stop it.

The insurance company tore into the truck down at Danville and found what happened, they said they had saw several instances where 1/2 pickups had transmission failures due to not being able to properly handle stuff. He said maybe the only thing I could have done would be to have the truck in 4x4, but when the gear tore off it was basically free wheeling and skidded the chocks down the road. Not fun...
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