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Originally Posted by turfmd101 View Post
As for failed landscaper. Try burnt out on guys not showing up, 2cyl in my ear (even with plugs) , someone taking my pruners, not being able to apply what was need but what was program or budget, sweat pools in my boots, the dog that wasn't there when I knocked-listened -opened gate -pulled 150ft, turn around and bam cujo. Coming full throttle. F-*#. And after extensive conversation about irrigation in the dry season he has 40% more $ weed and the heals of my boots are vacuum stuck in muck from over irritation and after he saves me from cujo. Asks. "How come my neighbor never does nothing and he doesn't have $ weed?" Thankfully the gun in my hand only shoots water droplets or the wife would be mortgaging the house! Funny thing is, when I worked there. HO's have open ears during cultural practice conversations. It made it easier for me to prep a potential customer of an applicator so he won't struggle with applications. That's how I play. Every chance! My work was for the cause!
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Dealing with customers in this business is as important as knowing what and wear to spray. From this post and all your others I can see your not as good with people skills as you think you are with you application skills. Frankly you sound like a whining pain in the azz who should fit in well sitting behind a counter selling over priced products to Joe homeowner all day. Reading most of your posts make me want to pull my hair out of my head.....I would sick cujo on you too if you were my lawn boy. Now go spout your arrogant crap off to your dumb one here wants to hear it.
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