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Left working TG/CL around 20 years ago. "WOW". Amazing how it's been going on sooo long. You would think by know, even HO's all across the country should GET IT by now. Im sure some techs let it flow, often to them. In my world. Word spreads fast. It'll make or break ya. Why don't they suffer from this too? On the other hand. They could be the necessary evil! I guess they have to exist the way they do. If all these story's were the opposite and they had kickass lawns everywhere you looked, in every state. Most wouldn't be able to compete with them. They exist the way they do, so we all have the opportunity "not to be them". Thank them for your future customers. For if they didn't do it the way they do it. You couldn't do it the way you do it. Their be no need for "your service". They have to exist the way they do, its the laws of nature. So our side has reason to exist.
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