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EMF problems with digital controllers?

Saw this posted by a HO on another website. Spelling/ typos his.

"... they installed a new Rain Bird ESP last summer. The ESP is approximately 1ft above a 220V service disconcircuit protection that powers a shallow self primer well pump ... Now I actually read my Rain Bird Installation manula which I am sure my contractor did as well and they note in caution not to install the controller within 15ft of High output EMR device such as a refrigerator or A/C. I called Rain Bird 800 number and spoke to a gentleman/Technician in Mexico/Phillipines who told me that I should not mount the controller within 15tf of the 220V Servcie disconnect box ..."

Assuming he meant EMF, or electro-magnetic field. Seems to me I'm often within 15 ft. of A/C without any issues that I know of.

When I install there it's because that's where the outlet or old controller that I'm replacing is. Sometimes it's near pool pumps or close to the electrical main or subpanel. Or sometimes in a garage next to a big freezer.

Seems like builders like to locate many utilities in a cluster on one side of a house.

So, you guys ever run into any issues with EMF?
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