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Tim and Scott are good guys and so is "hissing cobra" on this site. The difference I think is they chose to go to lesco and this clown couldn't hack the real world.

Originally Posted by Ric View Post

Remember Lesco store clerks are only paid around $ 30,000 a year. At that wage level what can you expect??? I believe I could collect soda cans and make that much.

You have to admit our current local Lesco guys aren't the typical failed Landscapers that work at Lesco. The younger of the two has been with Lesco for a number of years and learned well. The older guy was a spray tech on a golf course for years and Lesco is more of a slow down job before retirement. Both are nice guys. While I am not a big Lesco Customer they are my 7-11 for that Gallon of Milk I need right now. They take care of me even if I am a low volume customer. You have done work on the Lesco landscape, and dealing with those local guys was easy and profitable for you.

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