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If you keep them maintained you can get a beautiful cut from most of the major brands. I even see some very nice yards that are cut with those cookie cutter cub cadet riders for the masses. It really is difficult to say that any of the major brands are dramatically better overall in every situation. We all forget that the equipment does not make a beautiful lawn. Almost any mower leaves a nice cut on a great lawn (level, weed free, irrigated, quality turf grass type). The best equipment is that which you like, can make a profit with, and which provides the results your clients desire. In some areas image is everything and the equipment is for the client, not the user to see and in others they would not care if you used a Yard Man with no hood. At this point all the major brands make a great commercial mower. I love the cut of a Walker on a great flat lawn; however, we can't justify them for the few like that we have so we use commercial 21s with baggers and the customers seem very pleased.
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