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Sorry, my level was not the $30k. or that would be a joke!

My position is as follows:

If your customers starting day 1 to current, understand more about pesticide & fertilizer use than they understand about what they definitely, have to be doing, hands down, there IS no exception, they get it know. That they are so excited about all the things they didn't know, BUT NOW THEY DO. They cant wait to tell the neighbor why they HAVE chinch and not that they GOT chinch. That they were invited in by stress and it did not happen by chance. If they help minimize stress. Chinch won't be much of an issue, even during drought. Their turf is alive. Holy crap.They get it now. If their not working harder in their yard than you and not reliant on your magic potions to cure things. You have not done your job... Your first job is an EDUCATOR. Your second job is an APPLICATOR. I read more posts about the second job than I do about the first job. That's why I say what I say. My customers understand they work for me. I don't work for them. They understand my first job. Its all GOOD! MY CUSTOMERS WOULDN'T ASK WHY THE NEIGHBORS TURF LOOKS BETTER WHEN THEY DO NOTHING. BECAUSE I EXCEL AT MY FIRST JOB.
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