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^^^ Good advice also know that commercial work comes and goes at a moments notice I have lost commercial accounts based only on a larger company coming in and underbidding me by a very small amount and I know for a fact they are not making money on the job ..I do my home work on what I need to charge to make a profit and I refuse to work for free so when the big dog comes in to take my bone just in spite that is fine by me cause I have seen it all to often they loose the account with in a year either by raising the rate and upsetting the customer or simply slacking at what they promised..Do not be afraid to charge the customer trust me if you do good work it will not be long for people to see this and start calling you...look professional at all times and look for the accounts you want go in and talk to the person in charge give cards and your will have a lot of doors shut in your face but the one that opens will be a start to more...BE NICE TO EVERYONE you never know who you are talking to could be your next big customer...peace...good luck..
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