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Originally Posted by jstutzman View Post
Thanks for the response. I have spent a lot of time and money trying to make TTTF grow. It does okay in area that get some shade thru out the day but in direct sun, heavy traffic areas and on my hillside, it dies off. I have been planting Lescos Transition Blend and to me it is just too fine and soft. We destroy it pretty quickly with the little ATV's. I have seen some TTTF grasses that look pretty durable while having a great look but I dont know what they are. My good buddy runs a lawn care business on the side and uses the Lesco i think exclusively and has happy customers. Maybe we have different needs or maybe i just have terrible ground for growing grass but i have not had much luck with it.

Forgot to ask, why dont you like it? Color, texture, disease tolerance. I just ask because from all the reading it is the most drought resistant and most tolerant to traffic. If you like the dark green carpet look I can understand why you would not like it but just wondering if there's a reason you don't other than visual appeal. Im also from around Winston Salem so im interested in what you would have recommend.
I don't like K-31's color at all, or it's wide leaf, sparse growth, disease susceptibility and a crown that grow's 3/4 of an inch off the ground. I do like that dark green carpet look of TTTF.

If you have kid's and ATV's then there is no fescue that can take that abuse. You probably need a warm season grass like bermuda, and since we are a little north of prime bermuda country you need to sod. You can get the same grass (Tifway 419) as sod that grow's in every golf course fairway in this area for 60-75$ for 512 sq. ft. If you don't have irrigation (and i will bet you don't) then a hose is in your future, but you will have much better luck with bermuda.
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