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Nitrogen is used in larger quantities than any of the other applied nutrients and needs to be applied on a regular basis to most turfgrasses grown in Florida lawns. The Florida Extension Soil Testing Laboratory does not analyze for soil N. Nitrogen is mobile in Florida’s sandy soils and correlations can not be established between analytical soil N and turfgrass response; therefore, N recommendations are based on the turfgrass N requirement. The actual quantity of N required depends on a number of factors: type of turfgrass being grown; turfgrass quality desired; type of soil and quantity of water the turfgrass receives, either through irrigation or natural rainfall; region of the state where turgrass is being grown; amount of shade under which the turfgrass is grown -- shaded turfgrass requires less N than does turfgrass grown in full sun; and disposition of clippings during mowing practices, (if clippings are discarded more N will be needed to sustain the same quality as if clippings were returned). Detailed N fertilizer recommendations for turfgrasses are available in Soil and Water Science Department Fact Sheet General Recommendations for Fertilization of Turfgrasses on Florida Soils,"
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