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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
its great, i love the 34hp kohler i ordered with it, my only regret was not going diesel. i wouldn't own a 61" mower with any less power then a 34hp unless it was diesel or i got a really good deal on it. i hope to add a 72" turf tiger with a turbo diesel cat motor to my fleet next year if i get enough accounts, or maybe a cheetah if they come out with a bagger system, unless my dealer is feeding me a line of crap about them not having a bagger for the 72" cheetah yet.
nice man although i dont know if you quite need all the hp it is nice but im liking my 27 but just my opinion but i hope to add a second scag to my fleet next year but well see what it is my purchase list is quite large next year
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