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Help with pricing

Im new to the business and im looking to grow as a solo operation due to me being in school and not wanting to have a worker until needed. I recently did an hour and 40 minute edging job and 2 trash bags of leaf cleanup that were accumulating around his garages. I used to mow one of his propertys at the beginning of spring and he sold the property. He likes mowing and his edger broke so thats why he called me. But anyway, total time was 1 hour and 40 minutes of work time. I charged him $30 an hour which translated into $50 total. Is that a fair price? He want's me to do a mulching job for him soon and im going to have my brother help me since it's a pretty big job, how should i charge the mulching? I can't really give him a set price so should i charge $30 ea. man hour? Thanks for the help!
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