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Husqvarna 223L questions

I was doing some research to replacing my current trimmer and came across this forum. Wow, talk about sensory overload.

My trimmer is a Stihl POS36, I mean FS36. Found out that it was not actually made by Stihl. It has been nothing but trouble from the time I bought it. It wouldn't stay running until I started using TruFuel and had problems finding replacement trimmer heads to fit it due to the long threading. It revs way to high too.

After seeing the glowing reviews for the Husky 223L, I am leaning towards getting one but I have a question. I use my trimmer left handed and have saw where the 223L can cause some burning due to the configuration. Is this a major problem?

Also, I like look and feel of the rubber over mold grip on the Echo's line of trimmers better than the one on the 223L. Can the grip be replaced on the 223L?

Thanks for any insight given.

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